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Welcome to the LazyTown Fanfiction Community.

  • LAZYTOWN FANFICTION only, including het, slash, RP & RPS. All posts need to be either fanficiton, recommendations, challenges or (fanfic) proposals. News does not fit in any of those categories. The exception is the advertising of other LazyTown related communities.
  • Use LJ cuts for anything that's not a drabble or ficlet (500 words max). The FAQ section of LJ CUTS (whodathunk?, they actually put it in their FAQ!).
  • Use headers. Please include at least TITLE, RATING & WARNINGS (if applicable). AUTHOR'S NOTES (A/Ns) need to be IN the post. If you forgot to mention something, go back and EDIT it into your A/N or summary, NOT the (1st) comments.
  • DO NOT FLAME. Your post/comment will be deleted, and you risk being BANNED. Try offering constructive criticism instead.
  • Use spell check. Period.
  • No excessively huge fonts or anything else with the potential to VEX members over the age of 5!

We reserve the right to ban any members or delete any posts that don't ahere to (FOLLOW) the rules! You have been warned. It's not our problem if you didn't read these rules. Now have fun!

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